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An Ideal

“Every poet…

finds himself born

in the midst of prose.

He has to struggle

from the littleness

and obstruction of

an actual world

into the freedom

and infinitude of

an ideal.”


― Thomas Carlyle


Elfje:            (Cinquain)



that place

like no other

paradise of one’s own





fog cascades surreal
fairy dust covers snails trails
morning dew sparkles




I love tic-tac-toe
the game played with Xs and Os
Xs are for the hugs I crave
Os are for the kisses I gave

the British call it noughts and crosses
a stuffy way to put love in boxes
I guess a cold handshake will have to do
what do they do to the girl they want to woo

a special derisive thank you to Hallmark
knowing that love needed a renewed spark
for keeping St. Valentine’s legend alive
and a bigger business to contrive

can’t forget the sweets for the sweets
Russel-Stover and Godiva provide the eats
splurge, start the diet tomorrow
another good day for remorse and sorrow

this year, ignore the commercial
be special, love special
not just for that special day
but for each and every day

and in every way


ME and the Boss










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