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A Frozen Moment


“A poem is

a frozen moment

melted by each reader

for themselves

to flow into

the here and now.”


― Hilde Domin



Elfje:     (Cinquain)



not when

watching the time

fluttering feelings confused thoughts





rain comes to a stop

everywhere a mud puddle

child’s summer playground




baseball and apple pie
American institutions
under a vast blue sky
peaceful  revolutions

home of the free
home of the brave
from sea to shining sea
Old Glory is proud to wave

states rights stay home on  the range
central government unsurpassed
liberal wants to change
conservative holds on to the past

while seeking the compromise
life goes on
everyone reaching for the gold  ring prize
while the next generation receives the baton

heading toward a moral firestorm
can the nation bring about world peace
immigrants must learn to conform
if we all behaved we would need fewer police

today I pray
please pray with me
may we find a safer way
to let the good be free . . .

ME and the Boss









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