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Why Write


“Why did I write?

Because I found

life unsatisfactory.”


~ Tennessee Williams



Elfje:         (Cinquain)    classic: each word only one syllable
to tell
spell it out
make up a sign

Lune:    5 / 3 / 5
selfish, self-centered
sick families that feud


there was a family from somewhere
whose dynamics were in need of repair
dysfunction ruled their everyday life
all of their interactions filled with strife

each one of them had their favorite ism
the majority suffered with grandiose egotism
or cynicism, hedonism, narcissism, nihilism
however, none could be accused of having optimism

alcoholism and drug abuse prevailed
attempts to recover always failed
fear and anger were the dominate emotion
yelling, screaming, rarely a civil word spoken

therapy, therapy and more therapy
a family of old people seeking maturity
the judge sent the youngest to a 12 step meeting
they had him hooked with the initial greeting

to fight his ism’s he became courageous
his new found attitude became contagious
the family slowly joined him, one by one
they learned how they had taken the fun out of dys ‘fun‘ ction

a few major lessons they learned real well
only a Higher Power could make them compel
the family is we, not I, myself and me
on how they did it, they did not have to agree

we are very glad this story had a happy ending
however, recovery is never ending mending
so keep coming back, more strength to share
for to truly function, we must care

ME and the Boss










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