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Till My Eyes Would Bleed


“When I was 14,

I would sit up

in my room

and write

till my eyes

would bleed.”


~ Quincy Jones


Elfje:            (Cinquain)



Italian quarantina

separated from others

period of forty days



Tanka:             5-7-5, 7-7


kindness is respect

happiness is a big smile

your attitude is your own
be upbeat, be positive




selfish and self-centered to the core
I want what I want, more, more, more
arrogant, egotistical, it all is a big show
what is really me I don’t want you to know

fear says you would never like the real me
I’ll pretend to be exactly what you want to see
a sickness that indeed robs the soul
the delusion is that I possess self-control

to please you I am either needy or greedy
to the pristine wall I am the graffiti
a mind altering substance was my escape
I’m the super hero without the cape

I ignored a thousand God given signs
ego called it art when I colored outside the lines
I was finally saved, in spite of myself
new directions delivered from a bookshelf

a small pocket booklet of 164 pages
written by 100 of the very first sages
directions for living with a backward brain
a prescription for easing the emotional pain

willing to change is how it works
truths told by men who once were jerks
learning to love and live with others
becoming a part of a band of brothers

finding a Higher Power, his praises to sing
choosing to do the next right thing
today it is no longer me, me, me
I follow a program that begins with we



ME and the Boss










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