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When Combined


“Music, when combined

with a pleasurable idea,

is poetry;

music, without the idea,

is simply music;

the idea, without the music,

is prose,

from its very definitiveness.”


― Edgar Allan Poe


Elfje:         (Cinquain)



no rhyme

very little reason

random thoughts, random words

didacticism *




seasons wet or dry

the tropics endless summer

muggy hot or hot


Poem:           6 x 3 + 2    aab ccb ddb eeb ffb ggb  hh

metaphors style his writing
his stories always very exciting
stubborn, he sticks to his ways

his art filled with symbolism
he never reacts to criticism
his thoughts radiate like golden rays

his thinking ignores the obvious
he walks the fine edge of notorious
when finished, that is where it stays

pleasures inferred by use of innuendos
readers view through clouded windows
past or future, he never counted in days

eventually was forever his ultimate goal
leading the gullible down the rabbit hole
his best genre was theatrical plays

he was quite prolific for many decades
he used every trick except for charades
his attitude was to do whatever pays

kudos to the writers who can stick to their guns
those  who can tell a story without using puns



ME and the Boss


*didacticism; designed or intended to teach.

 didactic poetry; the intent to convey instruct and inform

as well as to provide pleasure and entertainment.










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