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The Line Is Drawn


“I think it’s the duty

of the comedian

to find out where

the line is drawn

and cross it deliberately.”


~ George Carlin


Elfje:         (Cinquain)



bad jokes

silly faux pas

clowns, sidemen and slapstick



Lune:    5 / 3 / 5


blooming spring blossoms

pollen falls

air to thick to breathe




Visa V

rare is the bean that flavors vanilla
most exclusive to the court of Victoria
grown from the orchid flower, not the Iris
they add egg to their cream in Paris

it is the sugar not the chocolate
eight ball in the side pocket
never kind enough to mother dear
breakfast of champions a bagel schmear

funny how the poem writes
it’s limits knows no heights
every word exhibits its own emotion
subtle innuendo or crazy comotion

the poem waits patiently to be written
knowing that the writer has been bitten
the topic as usual, life, love or death
do yourself a favor, don’t hold your breath

life being lived in a no man’s land
lovers walking hand in hand
death is usually unplanned

now the poem has covered all of the topics
time to get my hands out of my pockets.

ME and the Boss










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