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Have Time


“What is this life

so full of care,

We don’t have time

to stand and stare.”


― W.H. Davies,


Elfje:     (Cinquain)



if possible

hear if  thinkable

words can become visual





in every season

find a moment of quiet

natures time to rest




the poet was obvious
it was his  life story
he sought for the vainglorious
always looking for the right allegory

parents did the best they could
neighborhood tussles and puppy love
school influenced as it should
too short to be heads above

more schooling, mostly party time
learned about sex, his ruin
no ladder of success did he ever climb
selfish, self-centered, never a union

mumble, stumble, hiding in fear                                                                                                                           content to blend into nothing                                                                                                                                     too proud to ever shed a tear                                                                                                                             emotions were for the stuffing

blessed by a Higher Power                                                                                                                                           he found there was a solution                                                                                                                                    a great fall from the ivory tower                                                                                                                                time for penance and retribution

guilt and shame swept off the street                                                                                                                   humility learned by serving others                                                                                                                            a transformation totally complete                                                                                                                              glad to be a part of a band of brothers

finally, just blessed to be so, so average


ME and the Boss









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