ME  ( Michael Erb ) and the Boss….

the Boss being either God or my wife,

depending on who is standing beside me at the time.

Since I have been retired (not necessarily by my choice)

I have been writing daily to maintain my sense of purpose.

My other interest is photography, ergo, all of the photos (2000 +)

for the past almost five years are all originals that I have taken.

No Awards Acceptance Policy: This blog does not accept Blog Awards

that involve awarding others and passing on the love, etc.

(I believe I show my appreciation when I comment on other blogs, link to them, share their posts on social media, or reblog them with my take. I do not give out awards, and do not expect them. A Like or a comment from you will make my day, and I’ll visit and chat with you in turn. But please, no blog awards.

From www.MEandtheBoss.com

2008 & 2009 – No common tag line. Daily

2010 – Happiness is helping someone help themselves. Daily

2011 – Love is helping someone to love themselves. Daily

2012 – Life is living and loving in the here and now. Daily

2013 – Kindness is the beginning of a life filled with love. Daily

2014 – A rotation of the above four themes plus Friendship Is. Daily

2015 – A rotation of Love, Life, Happiness and Kindness. Daily

2016 – A rotation of Love,Life, Happiness and Kindness. Daily

2017 – Not daily, Thursday and Sunday, rotating the themes as above.

2017 –  On Wednesday and Saturday you may find me at

ME and the Boss Recovery   www.michaelerb.wordpress.com

The first two years I used the Blogger platform and I struggled

with the cumbersome and erratic nature of Blogger.

Late in 2010 I discovered WordPress and since then

WordPress has been my platform of choice.


ME and the Boss



2 responses to “About

  • Aggie

    My hubbie says the same thing, but he is really the boss. 😉 Thank you for following Isis Farms. I remember finding a beautiful simple poem of yours not long ago, with its message of love, and now I have subscribed. –Aggie


  • Sam Han

    Hi Michael, can you link this site to your new gravatar? I have stopped using the “reader” on wordpress 😀 Thanks and have a great day!


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