Ye Stars

“Ye stars!
which are
the poetry
of heaven!

Lord Byron

Elfje: . . . . Cinquain
it shines
see the moon
light fills the sky
Senryu: 5 x 7 x 5
the disease that says
you do not have a disease
he had a wonderful intellect
his answers were always correct
but with a drink of alcohol he became stupid
this insanity could not be disputed

every sheriff knew his banged up car by sight
the judges took no pity on his sad plight
all relationships ended with a lie or a cheat
his life’s goals he would never complete

he tried various remedies to find the straight and narrow
many of the treatments cost him a lot of dinero
out of control the drinking only made things worse
was there no cure for this indomitable curse

God would supply what he called his epiphany
he realized he was stuck-up, uppity and persnickety
brought down to earth he listened to a friends suggestion
an answer when he didn’t even know the question

a band of drunks showed him Good Orderly Direction
the past brought to light with introspection
he worked the Steps with rigorous honesty
he became a part of while enjoying the comradery

the obsession and compulsion to drink was lifted
with peace of mind and serenity he was gifted
his goal today is to do his Higher Power’s will
he’s another miracle with a wondrous life to fulfill
ME and the Boss
http://ME and the Boss Recovery
http://ME and the Boss

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