What Is The Question ? ? ?



“It is better

to know some

of the questions

than all of

the answers.”


~ James Thurber



Elfje:            (Cinquain)    Classic: each word only one syllable.

call for
want to say
beg to see more


Haiku:     (5-7-5, nature and seasons the topic)
Florida sweet corn
first crop is ready to pick
enough sun and rain



there is this kitten from hell
all he does is very loudly yell
a needy cat all he wants is attention
the energy level is from another dimension

the cat in the mirror is his newest toy
full steam ahead, no need to be coy
such a little thing with such a loud purr
so much life in that small ball of fur

always in trouble, too much curiosity
to the family he is a source of jocosity
no, no, let go of that curtain
looks like he’ll need all nine lives that is for certain

will we still love him when he becomes a cat ? ? ?
probably, as long as he doesn’t become a bureaucrat


ME and the Boss










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