The Possibilities


real poetry

doesn’t say anything;

it just ticks off

the possibilities.

Opens all doors.

You can walk through

anyone that suits you.”


― Jim Morrison





the possibilities

whatever the direction

forward, backward, up, down





I once had a choice

endless possibilities



Poem:   Just Make Do


God does not close the door of opportunities

without giving a new path to explore

sometimes two or more possibilities

maybe even a window or  a hole in the floor


crying over spilled milk, things lost

only blurs the vision of one’s past

be vigilant of the paths yet crossed

chances usually disappear very fast


having a clear and open mind is paramount

smile and present a determined attitude

believe there are no obstacles you cannot surmount

be a winner, let your spirit be renewed


living life moment to moment in today

keeping just the right amount on your plate

seeking the positive to keep fear at bay

be willing, be ready, know how to celebrate


when the door of blessings beckons

take the one that best suits you

positively never ever settle for seconds

and whatever the outcome, just make do.


ME and the Boss









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