It Is There


“. . .criticism is to poetry

as air is to a noise:

it allows it to be heard;

and even if we can’t see it

or feel it, it is there,

shaping how we hear.”


~ Annie Finch


Elfje:            (Cinquain)



wafting through

the open window

nature’s most fragrant perfume





morning dew befalls

hiding natures fall colors

tears dried by the sun




poetry is prayer and meditation
asking for guidance without citation
hearing answers, God’s narration

experience guides how you think
inspiration supplies the missing link
words that make the writer look prink

when facing a blank sheet of paper
don’t argue with the Great Creator
just trust the ultimate magic maker

words that appear out of the rainbow
sit back, listen, go with the flow
watch the lines begin to grow

oh what pleasure to hear the rhyme
heavenly bells begin to chime
word pictures become poetry sublime

everyone is a poet they say
each in their own very unique way
just sit, write and pray


ME and the Boss








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