The Dream You Dream


“Freedom is

the dream you dream

While putting thought

in chains again –”


― Giacomo Leopardi



Elfje:         (Cinquain)



for more

hope beyond hope

make it suddenly appear





lawnmowers humming

nature becoming abused

harmony ignored




it is so easy to lament
especially when one is perfect
feels good just to vent
finger pointing to deflect

isn’t there always someone else to blame
could have, would have, should have
trying anything to avoid the shame
think I’ll just go live in a cave

outside of my garden the world is ugly
political wars with religious histories
dictators driving everyone buggy
big egos cannot solve the mysteries

guess I’ll just go on complaining
nobody ever listens anyways
worry is so emotionally draining
self seeking gains no praise

please empathise, it will make you feel better
let us find a common ground,
let’s complain about the weather
let’s get off the merry-go-round

an attitude of gratitude will give one pleasure
it is one’s choice to decide what they treasure



ME and the Boss.








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