Some Day


“Some day

you will be

old enough

to start reading

fairy tales again.”


~ C. S. Lewis


Elfje:         (Cinquain)



rough bump

unplanned side trip

off the straight course





beautiful image

Creator’s best camouflage

colors few can see




quiet the noisy mind
try to become a member of human kind
ignore the noises made by the resident rodent
running on a squeaky wheel every moment

forget the echoes of people putting you down
you look like a scary sad sack clown
you’re nothing but a useless bum
slimy and smelly like pond scum

hear it often enough and you start to believe
you have become your mother-in-laws pet peeve
negativity lives in that perverted warped brain
lucid times when you think you’re going insane

thinking contorted by mind altering drugs
itchy, crawlies caused by giant bed bugs
been there, done that, wear the tie dyed shirt
the lucky become a spiritual convert

learn to think of others, not just yourself
guidance from above leads to healthy self-help
praying to your God with a contrite heart
this is always a good way to start


ME and the Boss









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