A Moment’s Thinking


“A moment’s


is an hour

in words.”


~ Thomas Hood


Elfje:         (Cinquain)



plausible cause

communicate a reason

in so many words





a perfect season

long hot days and muggy nights

summer grows the crops




star crossed lovers see only each other
completely absorbed in one another
the moon or honeymoon will eventually be over
life is not always a bed of clover

for the majority there is a compromise
they bury the hatchet which is very wise
for the selfish sicky the war only escalates
for the sake of a pun they end up as stalemates

only the sickest hold a resentment forever
the wise are smart enough to never say never
human nature says that most relationships mellow
love and compassion make for the best bedfellow

I had a friend, to stay married it took him three tries
he learned to give, he learned to share, surprise
no secrets, she lets him know when things are not right
he said chivalry is not dead, he is now the white knight

may God bless all of your relationships
may your love avoid the apocalypse


ME and the Boss











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