Your Life Is A Song


“Each song is a child I nourish

and give my love to.

But even if you have

never written a song,

your life is a song.

How can it not be?


~ Michael Jackson


Elfje:      (Cinquain)



maybe tomorrow

in God’s time

you never know when



Senryu:      5-7-5 ( Haiku with people and their emotions/feelings as a topic)


true blue happiness

easily achievable

you can just do it




the announcer talks faster and louder
hyping a product that no one needs
magic elixirs and the miracle powder
the medicine man recommends smoking weeds

commercial. commercial ad nauseum ad infinitum
trying to influence people too lazy to think
communication signals invading the inner sanctum
are we all that easy to hoodwink

we are born and then we die
lives competing with microbes and poisons
trying to keep things from going awry
living a life with great expectations

turn off that damned contraption
stop, look, listen, be aware of this life
seek to add, forget the subtraction
remembering that we create our own strife

tis the season to believe what you want
as long as it begins and ends with love
life cannot be lived nonchalant
count your blessings gifted from above

ignore the misleading bait and switch
don’t fall for the old snake oil pitch
be your best positive person
be a true blue God authorized version



ME and the Boss








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