A Dupe To Illusions


“Perhaps it is better

to wake up after all,

even to suffer,

rather than to remain

a dupe to illusions

all one’s life.”


~ Kate Chopin


Elfje:         (Cinquain)



total confusion

another optical illusion

never a forgone conclusion



Lune:    5 / 3 / 5


selfish, self-centered

no respect

me, me, only me




politics as usual

the ego is seeking the publicity
the ultimate goal is duplicity
those who support them are guilty of complicity
gerrymandering has nothing to do with simplicity

vilifying the opponent, close to slander
heaven forbid that they would use candor
the working man an innocent bystander
they will saying anything just to pander

race, color, creed just a percentage
more human fodder made into a silage
writers avoiding the subliminal message
vote for me, avoid the looming presage

liberal, conservative, middle of the road
to which vote is our allegiance owed
is there still such a thing as a moral code
don’t let this be just another repeat episode

a government by the people and for the people
may it ring from each and every church steeple
just once, may we have the truth come out
believe, have faith, your vote does have clout


ME and the Boss










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